Missing Piece

Billed as the "final piece to the puzzle" Jeff Weaver left a bit of a hole in the Cardinals starting rotation by signing with the Seattle Mariners on Tuesday.  Both sides are blaming the other for the deal not getting done and we’ll probably never know the exact truth of what happened.  What I do know is that there is a large percentage of Cardinal Nation that thinks the management made a big mistake by letting Weaver walk.  I was among that group until I got to looking at the big picture. 

The last image most of us have of Jeff Weaver is him walking off the mound pumping his fist after dominating the Tigers in game five of the World Series.  What most don’t remember is the 3-10 record that caused the Angels to trade him to the Cardinals for a Double A player.  Over Jeff Weaver’s eight seasons in the majors he has had a winning record twice, that’s right twice.  Over Weavers career he has only won 46% of his games.  Compare that to new Cardinal Kip Wells who wins 44% of his games and makes half the money. 

Has Weaver finally figured things out and live up to the potential that everyone knows he has?  Only time will tell but my money is on another losing record for him.  I think the Cardinals made the right decision not over paying for Weaver. 


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